Shereel continues to expand her talents in a new workshop she's curating coming to Oakland. God keeps using her to in being a positive change agent in the lives of people.
Shereel Washington, curates, directs and teachers new dance program Move: Spirit & Rhythm at Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies in Oakland.
Ke 'A'ala a Laua'e

Ho`okipa ia na malihini a me ke `ao`ao o Ke`a`ala a Laua`e !

Welcome guests to Ke`a`ala a Laua`e page! 

Ke`a`ala a Laua`e expresses dance through hula because hula expresses the beauty, passion & tragedy of life; as well as the love, kindness and grace of God . Hula has a longstanding proud history that has withstood the test of time.

“Hula is Life” coined by late Hula Master Auntie Maiki Aiu Lake, is more than just a saying. It is the totality of hula expressed as a complete whole in life itself.

Ke`a`ala a Laua`e cultivates this principle and the meaning of it’s namesake in the following key ways: 

  • Loving God and treating others they way you want to be treated
  • Taking care of the body malama i ke kino
  • Proper training, which is essential to maintain good health and to be best prepared. Weekly classes, Ka Hula, are held where basic hand & foot patterns, body position & mechanics, hand gestures are learnt which is the foundation of learning choreography. In addition, mindfulness techniques such as breath work and strength & flexibility training are taught to cultivate greater physical facility as well mental and emotional wellbeing. 
  • Creating a positive and fun learning environment where everyone can grow and soar!

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